When will my order ship?

  • Your map will ship within 3 business days.

How accurate will my Custom Map be to the preview image in the Custom Map tool?

  • We make every attempt to keep our maps as accurate as possible - your map will look almost identical to the preview image in the Custom Map builder. However, certain sections may be slightly altered due to the limitations of lasers and the material density of wood. In the vast majority of cases, any alterations would be barely visible to the naked eye.

Does the map come in a frame?

  • Yes! Each map comes in a frame ready to hang with materials included.

What are the maps made of?

  • The maps are made of wood that are covered in white acrylic paint

How do you make these things?

  • Every map is made up of 3 layers of wood representing streets, land, and sea. Once each layer is cut with a laser and after it is checked for quality/accuracy, we stack them on top of each other within a frame to create a unique three-dimensional effect.

What is your contact info?

  • Send us an email at help@midasmaps.com if you have any questions about your order!